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My name is Tony and this is my blog THE LIFE OF TONT.

Why Tont you may ask?  It’s a nickname that has stuck with me for almost 20 years and has its origins in a really dull and anti-climactic story – but I’ll tell you anyway.  If you look at your keyboard, and provided you have the QWERTY letter arrangement, you will see that the T is located right next to the Y.  I ordered a taxi under the name Tony and when the driver turned up, he shouted for Tont.  Confused looks all round, until I asked did he mean Tony and it turned out a slip of the finger from their control room spawned a nickname.

What is the blog about, you may also ask?  Well this is a little more complex.  I originally started blogging in 2013 under the handle Disillusioned Dad.  I was depressed and I loved alliteration so it seemed perfect.  I was a husband, father, and soldier, who happened to be in a depressive period.  I was stressed with work, frustrated with my life, and trying to support a wife who was going through anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia – as well as do the best for our two little children.  Something had to give, and unfortunately it was my mental health.  I was advised to find an outlet for my inner angst and the Disillusioned Dad blog became just that.  Then something changed.

After about a year or 18 months, I no longer felt like I was in such a bad place.  I was still stressed, I was still struggling to be a good husband and parent, and work was just as frustrating, but somehow I was managing to cope with it all much, much better.  As a result, I was no longer disillusioned.  Disillusioned Dad was no more, and Papa Tont was born.  I had enjoyed another year to 18 months of successful blogging as Papa Tont; I was earning money from my blog, I was lucky enough to be reviewing some amazing products, but something was missing.  That feeling of release and catharsis that came with writing was replaced with the politics of linkies, blog ratings, and award placings.  I no longer enjoyed it.  I was coming full circle.

So THE LIFE OF TONT is my rescrub; getting back to the basics of writing and selective PR work.  I am still very happy to collaborate, and I welcome all brand opportunities.  I will, however, maintain my review integrity and all collaborations will be based on frank, honest, and well researched opinion.  For more information on how to work with me, please click here.

I am a soldier, I am a husband, and I am a father.  I struggle on a daily basis to do the best I can by all three of them, and inevitably one – or all three – get neglected or upset at the expense of another.  This blog will continue to serve as a completely honest outlet for my frustrations, inadequacies, and sometimes joy at being all three of these things.  Let’s face it, no-one is perfect – no matter what that Facebook feeds say – we all struggle, we all get frustrated, and we’re all just doing the best we can.

I’m also a big fan of exercise and nutrition and am working to get rid of my dad bod.  I know a little bit more than the average person about kinesiology, exercise physiology, and nutrition, so have written a few posts about my terrible relationship with food and track some of my exercise programmes.  I also run a Facebook page that is trying to Get Dads Fit, which auto links to the Twitter hashtag #GetDadsFit.  Come take a look, and if you want to share your transformation you’re more than welcome to get involved.

Thank you so much for visiting.

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