my husband is better than yours

Boasting Wives

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my husband is better than yours

It’s an interesting sentiment:

An honourable man is a man who believes that it’s enough to know he has done good.

This implies that he doesn’t need to go shouting his deeds from the roof tops, but it seems that this definition doesn’t extend to his annoyingly proud and boastful other half.

I woke this morning at 05:45 having gone to bed at 01:00 (I watched the Froch Groves fight) because my youngest was awake, which then woke my eldest and rather than have my wife deal with it, I got up and saw to them both, until I boiled the kettle for a morning coconut oil and espresso.  This woke my wife and rather than just roll over and enjoy the lie in I’d afforded her, she was up at 07:00 and began her normal daily routine.

By 11:00 I had been shown 4 photos shared on her Facebook feed of the good deeds of all of her wives’ husbands.  The husband who looked after the 4 kids, did all the housework, let his wife lie in until 11:00 and then took a huge fry up to her in bed with a small bouquet of flowers.  Dick!  The other husband who surprised his wife with 2 tickets to somewhere nice and he had secretly booked a baby sitter to look after the kids.  Dick!  Why couldn’t these good deeds have just been contained within the household and appreciated on a mutual sense of shared duty level.  While I’m sure the husbands didn’t go around bragging about their latest good deed, I am in no doubt they did pass their wives’ media platforms to them shortly after the gift with the gentle encouragement to share with their friends what a great husband they have.  Dicks!

Of course, I get the old “What a lovely thing so and so’s husband did, but you’re great too.” sentiment, with a patronising rub of the forearm and a look in the eye that suggests they have died slightly on the inside.

Competition among the sexes isn’t a new thing, in nature it’s always been there, but a little bit more ruthless as if a female saw a better male, more often than not she just slept with it, but we’re a little more reserved than that…aren’t we?

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5 thoughts on “Boasting Wives

  1. Yeah I don’t get this. Surely those dudes are cheating on their wives?? 😄
    I’m overjoyed when my husband refills my squash when he sees I’m running low (only if he’s already going to the kitchen to get a can of Stella mind you!), or when he plays online poker on a Friday night and I get to pick what I want to watch on TV. Those types of things make me feel lucky! 😄😄

  2. I always think that it’s quite odd when people conduct their relationship through Facebook. It makes me wonder if they even tell each other how wonderful they are or if they just tell 250 of their closest friends?! It always feels like the boasting is for somebody else’s benefit, you know? I don’t play along myself and am quite sceptical about just how happy those that do are really! Ha!

    1. Agreed. I feel the same when I see people wishing their partner a happy birthday or anniversary on social media when they’re sat right next to them!

      1. Yeah I’m with you both there! I do not understand why people do any of those things on social media. But especially wishing them happy birthday etc.
        But what annoys me most with that type of thing, is when people wish their kids happy birthday on Facebook. Kids who are clearly so young that they’re obvs not on Facebook, and sometimes too young to even read!
        Like what the heck man? Why? Just turn to your kid and say happy birthday, don’t put it on social media, like you’re saying it to them, when we all know they’re never gonna see it!
        I really don’t get it.

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