Why I no longer want to be a parent blogger and why the blogging world has changed for the worse.

Five Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

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I constantly see “what I’ve learned” blog posts popping up on my social media feeds; I read some of them, mainly from bloggers who I respect but also some that I’ve never heard of just to get a different perspective.  One consistent point that people raise is that you will go into a slump at some point, you’ll question what you’re doing and wonder why you’re bothering with the linkies, the commenting, the staging, the reviews, the networking, and promotion, and getting very little in return.  Their advice is always the same.  Take a breath and remember why you started blogging in the first place; go back to basics and very much like Rocky going to Apollo Creed’s gym after losing to Mr T, or a similar simile for how Stella got her groove back, you need to find that spark or hunger that made you put finger to keyboard in the first place.  Unfortunately I’m a miserable bastard and I’m in a really deep slump in the parent blogging world that I fear there is no getting out of.  Here are five things, then, that I’ve learned since starting blogging 4 years ago.

The sexiest women in the celebrity world. Who is on your free pass list?

Who Is On Your Free Pass List?

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I’ve seen quite a few of these ‘free pass’ lists, or for my American friends ‘hall pass’ lists. You know the ones; you and your spouse agree on a list of celebrities, that if the chance ever arose, they wouldn’t mind you shacking up with.

The problem I find with these lists are that they’re too predictable; they’re always filled with the Megan Foxes and Jennifer Anistons of the world. They really aren’t my cup of tea. So here is my list, in no particular order, of the 10 women, who if they ever decided to get with a fat, bald, broke, grumpy father of 2, then I’d happily cook them eggs in the morning.