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Melancholy Man

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I used to look at my past and shudder. I did some terrible things that only youth would let you get away with. I deliberately avoid people and places that link me to the past because I’m ashamed to introduce my present to it, but recently I’ve been looking at it with exceptionally rose tinted glasses. Every now and again I look back and rather than recoil with disgust I actually miss it. I miss the fun and reckless abandonment. I miss the spontaneity and care free attitude towards life.

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Seven Social Media Confessions

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I’ve been blogging now – albeit part time and less than whole heartedly – for just about three years and I’ve been using social media for just a little longer.  You’d think I would know the etiquette by now, but just when I think I have it nailed I learn […]

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The Mask I Wear

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Let me start by saying I am going to be without internet for potentially a significant amount of time.  I am going back to Germany where I have had to cancel my internet connection and because of contract obligations I can’t get a new deal because I am coming back […]

is it wrong to have regrets


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This post is probably going to divide opinion. Some will find what I’m about to say shocking, some will criticise me for being so negative, some will tell me to grow up but for some, I might just strike a chord of recognition. Whichever way you lean, please take a deep look at your lives and ask yourself honestly, is there anything that you would change if you could? And if you would, have you ever regretted that you didn’t get it right first time and has it ever crossed your mind what your life would have looked like if you had?