The sexiest women in the celebrity world. Who is on your free pass list?

Who Is On Your Free Pass List?

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I’ve seen quite a few of these ‘free pass’ lists, or for my American friends ‘hall pass’ lists. You know the ones; you and your spouse agree on a list of celebrities, that if the chance ever arose, they wouldn’t mind you shacking up with.

The problem I find with these lists are that they’re too predictable; they’re always filled with the Megan Foxes and Jennifer Anistons of the world. They really aren’t my cup of tea. So here is my list, in no particular order, of the 10 women, who if they ever decided to get with a fat, bald, broke, grumpy father of 2, then I’d happily cook them eggs in the morning.

my husband is better than yours

Boasting Wives

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Making a coffee woke my wife and rather than just roll over and enjoy the lie in I’d afforded her, she was up and began her daily routine. It took no time at all to be shown several photos shared on her Facebook feed of the good deeds all of her wives’ husbands had done. While I’m sure the husbands didn’t go around bragging about their latest good deed, I am in no doubt they did pass their wives’ media platforms to them shortly after the gift with the gentle encouragement to share with their friends about what great husbands they have. Dicks!



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Compromise is absolutely key to a marriage. You will never find someone who is so absolutely in sync with you that you will not, at some point, have to submit to your partner’s will. But I’m increasingly finding that the only “right” compromise seems to be my compromise.