Can a man say we're pregnant

My Response To Mila Kunis

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Much like a jovial nickname that is designed to be endearing but ends up being quite offensive, I fear for the backlash that this may cause. When it comes to the world of pregnancy, birth and raising children, men are automatically on the back foot as it is, because as Mila rightly points out, we do not carry them for 9 months, indeed, we do not have to squeeze them out of any part of us, but that does not mean we are any less important to the whole process.

I wish I could relax more

I Wish I Wasn’t So Uptight

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For the sake of my children I wish I could relax more. I don’t mean that I need a rest, or a holiday, or even a good night’s sleep. What I mean is, I wish that I could stop being so uptight and let my children enjoy their childhood more. I think my children are happy, but I genuinely believe they could be happier.

Why do we react so differently

Why Do We React So Differently?

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My two year old son gave us a bit of a fright today by deciding to hurtle himself down the full flight of stairs backwards before bouncing off the hall wall at the bottom. The interesting thing for me was the different reactions to the incident by the four members of this household.