Snazaroo Face Paint Review

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Thanks to Weekend Box Club, we were sent a small pack of Snazaroo Face Paints to review.  At £2.99 they are a great way of entertaining the kids, but also a great way of causing an anxiety attack as they lunge face first towards your brand new sofa covered in paint.  We are no strangers to Snazaroo; they have always been our brand of choice.  The paints are thick enough to last and not wash into each other, but thin enough to actually paint on the face.  They dry quickly so layering is easy, and the kids didn’t get too restless by having to sit and pose for hours.  The only issue is that the brushes are always too thick for fine detail, and in these little packs you only get one brush.  I’m sure a professional could use edging to create thin lines with a thick brush, but for the average layman you’ll only manage thick stripes.  Frustrating when your child wants intricate lines being drawn, such as the veins of a butterfly’s wing or the eyelashes of the latest favourite emoji.  Thankfully the set we received to review was the tiger set.  Simple, big stripes.


Stay Fit Whilst Watching TV

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When you’re a parent to a couple of young children, expect to be participating in a lot of activities that they like and not necessarily things that you enjoy, including watching a bunch of kid friendly shows and movies that the kids love to play over and over again. Spending this much time in front of the television gets in the way of completing daily tasks and routines like exercise, but when your daughter insists that you watch her favourite cartoon with her, you can’t exactly say no. The only way to avoid your transformation into a couch potato is by incorporating a workout into TV time.

entertaining bored kids

Entertaining Bored Kids

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My kids get bored very easily but they react to the boredom very differently. Olivia will tend to just sit in silence, or cuddle up to me and let the time drift away. George becomes agitated, energetic, hyperactive, craves attention, demands inspiration and becomes all consuming. There are a few things that seem to appease my kids when boredom begins to set in, these are their top 5.

oxfords, not brogues

Oxfords, Not Brogues

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One look at the Samuel Windsor range and you’ll realise that it’s just stylish clothes, tailored well, at great prices. There’s no pomposity, or self grandeur, and I for one am planning to use it as my main source of clothing from now on. Of course I’ll keep my “comfy” clothes, but they’ll be saved for those days, those rainy days when you can’t be bothered to even pick the Coco-Pop from your chin kind of days. Only then will the 8 year old tracksuit bottoms and stained t-shirt make an appearance, and they’ll become the exception and not the norm.