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Cornerstone Review

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men's grooming cornerstone

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Cornerstone Concept

As a soldier who has to shave every day, regardless of whether I need to or not, finding a razor that provides a smooth comfortable shave is quite high on my grooming priority list.  A few people at work are subscribers to the Cornerstone shaving system that is geared around 3 principles: keep it simple,  partner with the very best experts, be fair.

The concept is simple enough, using your online account you tell Cornerstone how often you shave, what products you would like and they will send them to you.  You have complete flexibility to change your routine as often as you’d like.  You even get to engrave your razor with up to 3 initials which is a really nice touch.

Cornerstone Products

All of their products are paraben, alcohol, and soap free and with the exception of the balm (it has honey extract in it) are also suitable for vegans to use.  The packaging is sleek and efficient, the very definition of German engineering.

Not only do I shave my face every day, I also shave my head twice a week, so I thought I would put the Cornerstone system through its paces.  They recommend that you change your blade once every week and with 6 blades per pack you can quite easily see how your money actually goes quite a long way.  Shaving my face every day and head twice a week I was able to use each blade for a full two weeks and I only changed it because I felt I should, not because I needed to.  It was still being just as effective.

Cornerstone Review

But it wasn’t all great.  As you will know from previous posts, my skin is exceptionally sensitive and I am yet to find any product that doesn’t result in a neck rash.  Unfortunately, like all the others, Cornerstone failed to deliver in that respect as well.  The face scrub was amazing.  The right amount of exfoliant in the form of volcanic sand grains to make you feel like you’re getting scrubbed clean, but not so over abrasive it hurts.  The shaving gel didn’t over foam and softened up the hairs nicely ready for the shave; the balm was cooling and smelled clean and refreshing.  Unfortunately the combination caused a massive rash on my neck, and because I have to shave every day, shaving a rash covered neck was painful and it didn’t heal until the weekend when I could have a day’s grace.

It’s not an allergic reaction because it didn’t happen on my head – it actually really improved the feel of the shave there.  My assumption is that the pores on my neck just got clogged up with the balm afterwards and reacted badly to it, but that’s a reflection of my skin and not the product, it was the perfect shave on my head.

I continued to use the gel and balm on my head, but stopped using it on my face and neck and the rash never came back.  Using just the scrub and hot water, the neck shave was smooth and close and I have to admit, better than my previous razor the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power.

While I had a great shave on my head, I suppose I have a duty of care to say that the Cornerstone razor has not been designed for use on the head, and they don’t openly recommend it for that purpose.

Why not check out their full list of products here, or subscribe here and get £10 off your first order.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a selection of Cornerstone products in return for this review.  All thoughts and views are my own.

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