Entertaining Bored Kids Part 2

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I consider myself to be an okay parent. I’ve definitely improved my relationship with the kids over the years, and we have a lot more fun together than we used to. I’m a lot less uptight, and I’m far more tolerant of mess and clutter than I used to be. I’ve already shared some of the things my kids love to do when they get bored, but what about when I get bored of trying to stop them being bored?

My go to response is usually “go outside and play” – that’s the only reason I bought a trampoline that I’m too heavy to use myself, so that they can disappear outside unsupervised until I hear crying. If the weather is bad, my response is usually “put a film on” – the only reason I subscribe to Now TV is all the YouTube, Disney and Kids’ stuff on there. Or it’s the “here, have my iPad for an hour” get out clause. But then you see smug, passive aggressive, Tweets like this that remind you how terrible a parent you are:

So if you want to join the elite, the Premier League of parents, those smug ones who boast that their kids are crafty rather than technologically gifted, what do you do?

Well I got to thinking, and a comment on my “My House, My Rules” post really stuck with me. Neil Dixley commented saying that he lets his kids draw on walls in his house, but it’s part of a fun 6 monthly routine.

What I have had a fair bit of is other children asking their own parents if they can drawer [sic] on their own walls, which often prompts a ‘shocked” conversation. To be fair, it is not just ‘as you please’, we have a fun routine where every 6 months we photograph all the new art and then all 3 of us repaint the bedroom – @neildixley

This is a phenomenal idea. The kids get one wall on which they can let loose their artistic genius, and then they all join in the fun of repainting it and starting again. Great fun!

Now I live in Army accommodation, so the thought of having to repaint it over and over again fills me with dread. Since moving to Carillion Amey, march-outs have become a mine field frought with carpet charges, picture hook fines, and cleaning taxes. So you’ll understand that I’m a little more cautious than the average tenant when it comes to post occupancy inspections. But I still loved the idea.

That’s where Chalkola chalk markers come in. I use these at work to create honesty traces all the time. Rather than using GPS tracking on maps, I like to plot routes we’ve used on good old fashioned plastic talc with liquid chalk pens. This way I can see if we’re using the same route all the time, and which junctions are used more often, in order to avoid pattern setting and identify vulnerable points for enemy explosives. If the average soldier can use them, then they must be safe for my 5 year old son to use!

The chalk markers come in 6mm pens and 15mm markers. The liquid is high density chalk ink, so new pens should take 2-3 minutes for it to soak through to the nib, but in my experience it only took about 30 seconds per pen after a good shake and a bit of prompting by pushing the tip in and out a bit. Stop giggling you!

The chalk pens worked excellently on our glass, and they worked equally well on other non-porous surfaces like chalk boards and plastic products. They wiped off easily using a wet piece of kitchen paper, and a little bit of buffing with a dry piece of paper afterwards had the glass looking as good as new. The longer we left the ink on the surface the more rubbing we had to do, but it was never a chore, and never took any length of time.

The 15mm chalk markers worked equally as well, but due to their size a lot more ink came out and we found them to run on vertical surfaces like the glass windows, but on flat surfaces they were fine. Neither the pens, nor the markers dripped at any point, but I still didn’t trust George to walk across the carpeted room with a lid off. They were a lot chunkier than the pens, and the drawing accuracy was limited due to the chisel, rather than bullet, tip. In my opinion, just buy the pens, they work brilliantly and the drawing accuracy is fab.

So for now, I have at least one more activity I can usher the kids to take part in when I simply can’t be bothered any more. Although truth be told, I often found myself joining in too and let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much energy to draw a poo emoji on a door window. Give it time, and I may even be posting my own smug, self righteous Tweets about how great a parent I am and how much all of you suck. (never gonna happen)

If you fancy giving them a go, you can buy direct from the Chalkola chalk markers website, or their Amazon shop pages for the 6mm pens and the 15mm markers, and by using the code 15OFFSTR you can get 15% off as well.

You don’t have to take my word for it though, read Dan’s review here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Chalkola.

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5 thoughts on “Entertaining Bored Kids Part 2

  1. “I feel like a dying breed of parent that doesn’t entertain my kids with tablets in the house” Tablets? He make it sound like the rest of us are letting our children pop happy pills. Now there’s an idea…

    1. Tell the nice police officer what you told me son, “mummy likes to give me the magical sleepy tablet as it makes me go night night”

  2. Those look pretty cool. We have bi fold doors at the back of the house and I could see L spending ages scribbling all over them!

    1. Thanks Dave, they really are. I wouldn’t get the markers though, the pens are good enough. In fact, I’m just popping back to edit that in.

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