entertaining bored kids

Entertaining Bored Kids

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entertaining bored kids

My kids get bored very easily but they react to the boredom very differently.  Olivia will tend to just sit in silence, or cuddle up to me and let the time drift away.  George becomes agitated, energetic, hyperactive, craves attention, demands inspiration and becomes all consuming.  There are a few things that seem to appease my kids when boredom begins to set in, these are their top 5:

1.  Animation.  They were lucky enough to be gifted a second hand stop camera animation set and have turned their hands to becoming the next Nick Park.  Lately though their lack of patience, imagination, and effective scenery has prevented them from doing more.  They start, but then get quickly frustrated when their clay model looks nothing like they had hoped, or the story line they had boarded doesn’t manifest the way they would have liked.  If something is frustrating, it’s no longer fun and they give up on it.

2.  Planting Stuff.  So far we’ve had zero success, but it hasn’t stopped them dreaming of home grown tomatoes they’ll never eat, herbs they’ll never consume, or plants they’ll never water.  Over time we’ve probably spent hundreds of pounds on new seeds, pots, compost etc.  That is until we resort to good old cress.  Always grows, minimal fuss, loads of fun.  You can hollow out egg shells, draw faces on them, and let the cress grow.  The best part is that it grows quickly!!  This means you see results in days, not months and the kids stay interested.  You’re pretty much limited to hair based growth: hair, beards, arm pits, or pubic for the adults.

Our @actimeluk cress heads are coming on nicely.

A photo posted by Tony Pitt (@papa_tont) on Jun 14, 2016 at 11:38am PDT


3.  Ninja Warrior.  This one needs a lot of space in the living room, some obstacles, and a child that loves Ninja Warrior.  Both of mine love trying to do pull ups on my Pull Up Mate and now George and Livvie have began to use it as part of a Ninja Warrior assault course that includes: the quad steps; spider wall; salmon ladder; and jump hang.  It may involve you providing the running commentary in your best Japanese accent, before the one remaining contestant tackles Mount Midoriyama (jumping up the stairs in 10 seconds or less using only the walls)  Needless to say whatever one can do the other can do better, and it usually ends in tears, but they’re having fun, staying active, and burning energy.  I would have a full video of the entire course but for some reason they both like to complete the obstacle course naked.  Apparently it’s more comfortable, and who can blame them, so this is George mid way through the jump hang.

It’s Vitruvius Boy!! Naked pull ups are a staple in this household lol #WPUC16

A photo posted by Tony Pitt (@papa_tont) on Jun 5, 2016 at 11:04am PDT


4.  Watching People Playing Stuff.  As weird as this sounds, both Olivia and George love watching YouTube videos of people playing the games they both already have but don’t play, or watching videos of people opening toys that they both have already opened in real life.  George absolutely loves watching Ninja warrior on YouTube, but a close second is watching people open Shopkins.  Livvie’s latest hero is LDShadowLady who has 2.1 million subscribers who religiously watch her travel the world of Minecraft, Shadow Craft, and Crazy Craft, worlds of cube shaped objects.  That’s right, rather than play the game that she has on the computer, she (along with 2.1 million other people) decide to watch someone else play it.  I don’t get it, but she and George do, and I suppose that’s all that matters.  She makes some serious money having loads of fun, and it kind of makes me wish YouTube existed when I was stuck on my Nintendo Entertainment System.

5.  Playing Quirky Internet Quizzes.  When they’re bored of watching people, they bug me to find online quizzes, surveys, and quirky items like “which celebrity do you look most like”.  Our most recent discovery was by SunLife.  They have enlisted the creative talents of nursery school children to see if you can guess the nine celebrities based on the creative interpretations of toddlers.  Needless to say, I smashed it.  While the kids only got 4 and 2 respectively, I got all 9!! Competitive dad has got nothing on me!  Think you can match me? Have a go yourself by clicking here.


Can You Guess The Celebrities
Can You Guess The Celebrities

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  1. Good old cress! My son loves watching people talk about remote controls on YouTube …often in Russian & German. He’s Austic so I get the strange obsession from his point of view. No idea what their excuse is though!

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