The sexiest women in the celebrity world. Who is on your free pass list?

Who Is On Your Free Pass List?

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I’ve seen quite a few of these ‘free pass’ lists, or for my American friends ‘hall pass’ lists.  You know the ones; you and your spouse agree on a list of celebrities, that if the chance ever arose, they wouldn’t mind you shacking up with.

The problem I find with these lists are that they’re too predictable; they’re always filled with the Megan Foxes and Jennifer Anistons of the world.  They really aren’t my cup of tea.  So here is my list, in no particular order, of the 10 women, who if they ever decided to get with a fat, bald, broke, grumpy father of 2, then I’d happily cook them eggs in the morning:

Women Who Can Kick My Ass

1. Sasha Banks @sashabankswwe

Watching Sasha throw other women around the squared circle must stir something in you!

2. Paige Vanzant @paigevanzantufc

Here are 2 photos of the American strawweight fighter in the UFC. You decide which Paige you prefer, I’m sure you’ll choose wisely.

3. Andreia Brazier @andreiabrazier

She lifts 3 times as much as me, maintains her femininity, and should really be the perfect role model for female fitness.  Plus I can’t help but think of her killing me in a similar way to the bond villain whateverhernamewas Onatop.  What a way to go!

Women Who Can Teach Me A Thing Or Two

4 and 5. Suzannah Lipscomb @sixteenthcgirl and Dr Kate Williams @katewilliamsme

Two of the hottest historians on TV.  Incredibly smart and interesting, they remind me of the school history teacher that prevented me from taking breaks because I couldn’t stand up from behind the desk.  I could chat with both of these ladies for hours and lets be honest, history involves some really kinky shit!

Women Who Can Keep Me Informed

6. Claudia-Liza Armah @claudializatv

Lets face it, Claudia-Liza has come a long way since doing the 30 second updates on Hipsters’ favourite channel, BBC 3.  She’s not afraid to almost pop a boob out on TV and has called Donald trump a prick during a live broadcast, and she is incredibly sexy.

7. Ria Chatterjee @riachatter

With her Welsh pang and exotic appearance she boggles the mind, and any woman who can tax you mentally automatically stirs the loins.  She, for me, is the hottest lady in British news today.

8. Becky Mantin @beckymantin_

Do I really need to explain this one?  Just look at her!  Her practical knowledge of the weather would be priceless, plus the way she signs off the forecast with a wink definitely creates a warm front and early signs of moisture and any other weather pun you can insert here.

Women Who Are Just Incredibly Sexy

9. Patricia Heaton @patriciaheaton

Married to Ray Romano in Everybody Loves Raymond and the janitor from Scrubs in The middle, she’s been around a bit, but that experience is priceless.  Not much older than me, but I see her as a sexy pint sized cougar!  She’s the sexiest woman on American TV in my mind.

10. Emma Willis @emmawillis

If I need to explain this one, you need putting down.  Watch the Gilette advert and it’ll explain everything!


Disclaimer: My wife hasn’t approved this list, so sorry ladies, even if you did fancy a go on a chubby bald guy who’s less than impressive in the bedroom, you won’t be allowed.  Sorry.

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7 thoughts on “Who Is On Your Free Pass List?

  1. A few of my own from a pleasantly lumpy 55 yr old Canadian…
    Rachel Nichols (Continuum) – self-explanatory
    Dr. Lucy Worsely – under that weirdness and oddities (which she cultivates), there is a Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb barely contained – I think
    See above, the lovely Dr. Suzannah
    – oh those oh-so intelligent females – * sigh *
    Elle MacPherson
    1 for donna (and all), Malena Morgan
    Loni Sanders
    And finally…Rose – my lovely “summer-girl” of 1979, who still makes me go RROWWWRRR

  2. Loving the disclaimer on that! Part of me is disappointed that the whole list isn’t ginger. Actually, were any actually ginger?! But, you have a VERY eclectic taste in women! I think if I had a women list Hayden Panettiere would be at the top – tiny, pretty and physically fit. But, very stereotypical hot list too.

    1. Dr Kate Williams is a little bit ginger. Sarah Jane Mee was on there too, but she got too big for her boots and turned into a not very nice person. But look at who Hayden is partnered with?! No way either of us could compete with that! 😂

      1. I’m going to be honest – I had to Google. Yep, no competition here at all! Oh well, back to the attractive women drawing board for me 😉

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