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Our First Family Holiday Featuring A Jord Wooden Watch Review

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When me and Vikki got together 12 years ago, I was in the process of leaving the Army and moving to Spain.  She decided to commit fully to the relationship after knowing me for only 4 weeks, and moved with me; we stayed there for about a year before returning to the UK.  The reason I mention it is because apart from this short period of being in Spain, we’ve never been on holiday abroad together, and “holiday” isn’t exactly how I would describe our time there.  I worked 16 hour days on about 3 EUROS an hour as a self employed administrator (it saved the employers money if I was self employed. The cost of a contract was extortionate and they had none of the tax or insurance liability this way)  While I was fluent enough to talk to utilities companies on behalf of British expats that couldn’t be bothered to learn the language, Vikki didn’t know the language, so only found evening work in restaurants and bars, so we never really saw each other.  I was too tired to indulge in the normal lifestyle holidaying in Spain would afford, so really I count this period of my life as anything but a holiday.

Fast forward 12 years and 3 UK Center Parcs holidays later, we finally go on our first family holiday abroad!  Vikki’s parents had rented a private villa on Menorca for 2 weeks and invited us along, I had just finished 7 months away from the family with work so it was a perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate the batteries before the onslaught of moving house, jobs, and schools that waited for us when we got back.

Gord Unique Wooden Watches
A wooden watch review! I think this means I’ve finally made it as a blogger!
After months of watching other bloggers review them, Jord finally gave me a wooden watch to take along on holiday and review at the same time.  My first mistake was guessing how big my wrist was in centimetres.  If you’re going to get one of their men’s watches, or women’s unique watches, or just a cool watch, make sure you measure your wrist properly.  Because you have to initially oil the watch using their applicator, and wood is temperamental to sudden changes in temperature and humidity, I decided to photo the watch in its packaging in the UK but actually wear it on the holiday.  It was at this point I realised I was about 5cm off in my guestimation and really need to have about 2 or 3 links removed for it to fit properly.  You’ll notice some slight bagginess in the photos, but the bottom line is I haven’t really worn it for any period of time to give it a full sturdiness check.

It is a really nice looking watch, that said, the blue of my watch face isn’t as vibrant as some of the media images seem, so I think some people have been a little happy with their photo editing, and I have to admit it left me a little disappointed.  The watch strap felt strong, but a little too rigid.  It was like one of those snakes you buy at a pound shop, or exchange tokens for at an arcade as a child, where if you hold its tail the rest of the body wiggles left and right.  The links are a little too big to make it seem like a smooth fit around the wrist and adjusting it to sit flush seems clunky.  When you have oiled and buffed it though, it certainly catches the eye and attracts some curiosity from other members of the public.  While I’m sure initially the concept of a wooden watch was a novelty, the fact that after using the hashtag I’ve had 5 different adverts on Instagram from 5 different companies, suggests it’s no longer that unique a selling point.

Jord Wooden Watch Review
The problem with buying a nice camera to take some good photos of you wearing a watch, is that without a remote you have to rely on someone else taking the photo!
The villa had a really nice sized swimming pool, and the kids had taken swimming lessons earlier in the year to hopefully make the most of it.  While Olivia did, George may as well not have bothered, but by the end of the holiday he was swimming like a fish and diving to collect coins from the bottom.  But the best bit about the pool was dipping hot and swollen feet in the cold refreshing water.  It was bliss, but as the watch is only splash proof and shouldn’t really be submerged, make sure it’s off before your 5 year old pushes you into the water!

Jord Wooden Watch Review
Is there any better feeling than absolutely white washing your 5 year old child at table tennis?
There were some great activities in the villa.  First off there was a table tennis table, or ping pong table for my American readers, which I routinely thrashed my kids on.  Secondly they had one of those double swing, climbing frame, slide sets that you see on sale at Costco but can never buy because your garden simply isn’t big enough.  Ironically, between the pool and table tennis, they rarely seemed to play on the swing set, except for as we were walking out of the door to go somewhere.

Jord Wooden Watch Review

Despite being in a complex of villas, it felt really isolated and private.  Thanks mainly to the trees and fencing that surrounded the perimeter, but they still allowed loads of sun in, and the roof had some spectacular views that someone with better photography skills could show off quite nicely.  Although, we’re still on our holiday right now, so I’ll give a full breakdown after we’ve finished.  Back to the wooden watch review…

Jord Wooden Watch Review
Isn’t it great not setting an alarm for work when you’re on holiday, but then realise you have kids so what’s the point anyway?
I’m no fashionista, but I’ve got a grasp of the basics from my youth.  You match the formality of your watch to the formality of your dress, you match the colour and material of the strap with your shoes and belt, and the metal of the watch face should match the metal of your accessories.  So a dress watch with black leather strap and silver face would be worn with a dress suit with black leather shoes and belt with a silver buckle and silver cufflinks.  So where exactly would a wooden watch fit in?  You’re not exactly going to wear clogs with it, so what would you match it with?  For me it tries to be more formal than it is.  Given it has a chronograph on the face, it’s not going to sit any higher than business casual so it would be ok to wear it with business casual, sports casual, and casual wear.  With these outfits you’re not really bothered about pairing it with anything, but you would naturally try to use brown leather at a guess.  And that’s where this struggles.  The wood isn’t a natural fit with sports wear, a leather chronograph would seem more at place.  It’s not a diving watch as it can’t be submerged in water, and it can’t be used for smart casual or dress wear as it wouldn’t match with anything.  It’s in watch limbo.  But then again, I’m a soldier who still thinks nothing of wearing a black Casio watch with plastic watch strap for work, calculator buttons are a bonus.  And this brings me on to my next point.  I was about to say that each to their own and these watches are clearly favourites for a lot of people, but at almost $250 a watch, are they really?  If you have – based on current exchange rates – £193.87 to spend on a watch, is this the one you would choose? Probably not.  But if you could get $100 off the price then maybe you would.  And now you can.  Enter my competition and you could win money off a wooden watch.

So all in all it’s a nice looking novelty watch, but with no ability to submerge in water, no night visibility, and no real ability to match it with an outfit, it really struggles to find its place in the watch rankings.  It looks too good and lacks functionality to be a sports or every day watch, and it’s not smart or appropriate enough to be paired with more formal attire as a dress watch.  So I just don’t know.  But I tend to be quite negative about most things, don’t take my word for it.  Just Google Jord Wooden Watch Review and you’ll see page after page of people who just love them, and if you do, enter my competition to win $100 off the asking price.  Everyone who enters gets $25 off anyway.  win money off a wooden watch.

Disclaimer: I was given a Kosso and Midnight Blue watch to review.  All words are my own.

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  1. Oh gosh, the face really doesn’t look blue does it? I don’t have any knowledge of what should go with what in terms of accessories. I wear my wooden watch with a necklace that has wooden beads on it. I’m not sure it’s remotely fashionable but I like it. Love the honesty of your review.

    1. Thank you Nat, I’m surprised I’m allowed to review things anymore, it seems that PR companies just want sponsored posts, not honest reviews. It definitely isn’t as blue in real life as the pictures on the web suggest.

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