oxfords, not brogues

Oxfords, Not Brogues

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One look at the Samuel Windsor range and you’ll realise that it’s just stylish clothes, tailored well, at great prices. There’s no pomposity, or self grandeur, and I for one am planning to use it as my main source of clothing from now on. Of course I’ll keep my “comfy” clothes, but they’ll be saved for those days, those rainy days when you can’t be bothered to even pick the Coco-Pop from your chin kind of days. Only then will the 8 year old tracksuit bottoms and stained t-shirt make an appearance, and they’ll become the exception and not the norm.

how to travel stress free

How To Holiday With Kids

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Me and my family have had to travel quite a bit in the last few years, either for my work or our pleasure; one thing that is very apparent is that it is one of the most stressful times in our lives. We’ve often said that we wish someone would invent a transporter so we could just materialise from point A to point B without the need for planes, trains, or automobiles. Research is starting to show that travel stress actually starts well before you put that key into the ignition, and the bickering ruins the whole experience before you’ve even begun.