Work With Me


If you’d like to work together or find out more about how we could collaborate, you can email me on or message me via Twitter / Facebook and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  If you’d rather, follow this link to complete a ‘Contact Me’ form.  Whilst everything is negotiable, I do have a pricing list available on request.

Working Together

The Life Of Tont is a PR friendly blog, meaning that I am happy to work with brands should any PR representatives wish to collaborate.  This includes paid for:

  • Product Reviews
  • Giveaways / Competitions Hosting
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Videos / Vlogs
  • Guest Posts / Articles for other websites
  • Brand Rep / Ambassador
  • Advertising

Previous And Current Collaborations

I’ve worked successfully with a large number of companies ranging from household names through to up-and-coming brands of varying sizes.

Due to the content and audience of this blog, the majority of companies I work with are directly related to areas such as parenting, family, home, children, fatherhood, male grooming, male fashion, fitness, health, and nutrition.  Brands that I have collaborated with on campaigns, product reviews, competitions, sponsored posts and other business include Jacamo, Sci-Mx, Kingfisher, Cornerstone, and Dot Com Gift Shop.

Blog Stats & Demographics

I have a total following of over 6,000 people on a variety of social media platforms.  72% are from the UK, 21% from the USA and Canada, and the remaining 7% from primarily English speaking countries such as Australia and New Zealand.  I have a majority female audience, but still a sizeable male following.  62% are married with a focus on leisure, health and fitness, holidays, and technology; 38% are single with a focus on leisure, health and fitness, fashion and grooming, and technology.

Terms and Conditions

I pride myself on being open, honest and balanced in my writing, therefore all posts will reflect my true opinion.

As per Google’s Terms of Service, all posts in which I collaborate with brands will be clearly labelled and identified through a disclaimer.   Where I have not received compensation for working with the brand, all links will be marked as ‘no follow’.

Any payment is to be made preferably in advance of publishing, or definitely within 30 days of the work being completed – PayPal transfer is the preferred method (with 5% of the invoice amount added to cover fees) but bank transfer will also be considered.  After this, a late payment charge will be accrued – as per guidelines; this will be ‘statutory interest’ (8% plus the Bank of England base rate) and will accrue on a daily basis.